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YP Club


2 months



  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • UX & UI Design
  • Research
  • Development
  • App
  • Web

The problem statement

The Young Professionals Club is continuously evolving, the client was looking for an scalable solution that showcases their vision. How might we create a digital solution that allows the members to fully interact with all capabilities and benefits of the club in the palm of their hands?

iPhone 14 and Macbook

Our approach

It all starts with a conversation, and it always ends with a beautiful product

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  1. 01


    During the initial conversations, we dive in into the business model, target audience, benchmarks, and the delivery plan of this solution. Based on what was discussed, we decided that the best approach would be a mobile app and web.

  2. 02

    UX & Prototyping

    After interviewing 15 people, we were now confident to start designing the wireframes. By creating a lo-fi prototype, we tested with additional people to make sure we had the best UX outcome for these products.

  3. 03

    UI & Branding

    The idea was to get our clients vision and translate it to an approachable and human voice and tone and colors to deliver clear brand guidelines that were also applied to the final prototype.

  4. 04


    Time to define and refine the delivery process of the app and website! Our team then focused into developing, testing and putting into production the V1 of these products that went live in less than 2 months!

  5. 05


    By building a roadmap, we guarantee that YP Club products had continuous improvements. We always choose the technology that best fit our client needs, making sure we can handover the code whenever the client wants.

Main features

Every single flow and screen was validated with usability testing and later on refined based on the findings and the brand guidelines.

  1. CMS and internal admin portal

    As a way to empower the Club’s owners, we developed both a CMS for full control of their website, plus recreating their internal admin portal, migrating from Wordpress to their own tailored system.

  2. In-app payments

    By integrating with MoMo payments gateway, we unlocked the possibility of in-app payments for members to be able to purchase tickets for events.

  3. Booking events

    Young professionals admin can create events through the new admin portal so their members can book tickets and pay for them in-app.

  4. Follow, like and join groups

    As a social media like experience, the club members can interact with each other and join in-app chats about specific topics.

Technology chosen for this project


The branding

The YP Club, previously knowing as Dubai Young Professionals, was looking for a complete rebranding to represent their continuous expansion and their new conglomerate of companies, which in we all decided to name it “The Hive Collective”. Our team worked on their new brand book along with the new logo, brand positioning, voice and tone, colors and more.

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