3D virtual rooms

The wow-factor of virtual tours and 3D modeling applied to real estate and retail. Users are able to fully customize and interact with their surroundings in the comfort of their homes.




2 months


Low Code

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • UX & UI Design
  • Research
  • Development
  • App
  • Web

The problem statement

The Young Professionals Club is continuously evolving, the client was looking for an scalable solution that showcases their vision. How might we create a digital solution that allows the members to fully interact with all capabilities and benefits of the club in the palm of their hands?

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Our approach

It all starts with a conversation, and it always ends with a beautiful product

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  1. 01


    We started by defining what does success mean in this project. Gathering requirements, floor plans and benchmarks to kickstart the project.

  2. 02


    It was time to start building the 3D models of the apartment. This also included exploring different types of textures for the different materials of the furniture and kitchen counters.

  3. 03


    Handover of this code and 3D models was also important for this client, we made sure we packaged the entire project, uploaded to the cloud and completed the final handover for the client.

Technology chosen for this project


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In this project, users can create their own avatar and literally walk around stores, browse through products, and purchase them in-app, This included make up stores, clothing and shoes, watches stores, and more.

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