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2 months


Low Code

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • UX & UI Design
  • Research
  • Development
  • Web
Academia on mac

The problem statement

With the goal of enabling multiple different financial entities to be able to create and publish educational content and courses for their staff and customers, how can we help them reach their goal with an easy-to-use platform for the internal team to publish content, create courses and grading capabilities to their e-students?

Our approach

It all starts with a conversation, and it always ends with a beautiful product

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  1. 01


    During the initial conversations, we dive in into the business model, target audience, benchmarks, and the delivery plan of this solution. Based on what was discussed, we decided that the best approach would be a web application.

  2. 02

    UX & Prototyping

    The goal was to be a simple and accessible e-learning platform that the client could upload and manage their courses in an easy way. After iterating and testing different prototypes, we were ready to take the next step.

  3. 03

    UI & Branding

    The idea was to get our clients vision and translate it to an approachable and human voice and tone and colors to deliver clear brand guidelines that were also applied to the final prototype.

  4. 04


    Time to define and refine the delivery process of this e-learning platform! Our team then focused into developing, testing and putting into production with quality and speed.

  5. 05

    After care

    By building a roadmap, we guarantee that Academia Studios has continuous improvements. We always choose the technology that best fit our client needs, making sure we can handover the code whenever the client wants.

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The app

Every single flow and screen was validated with usability testing and later on refined based on the findings and the brand guidelines.

  • Sign up and Log in

  • Classes and courses catalog

  • Checkout: Payment gateway

  • Grading system

  • Certificates

  • Course progress

  • Quizzes

Technology chosen for this project


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